The recent success of choirs for both drawing together diverse groups within the community and within the workplace as been well documented – for example, Singing and Health: Summary of a Systematic Mapping and Review of Non-Clinical Research.

Nordoff Robbins Community Choir

The Landmark Sound Choir, Ham House 2009

Phoene has recently completed a pilot project in Roehampton on the Alton & Danebury estates ( for further details and pictures).

Workplace choirs provide a space either at lunchtime (preferable) or after work for a fully holistic workout which will add to the productivity and well-being of the workforce.  Community choirs provide the opportunity for people who would not ordinarily meet to work together to a common goal.

Singing in a community or workplace choir can assist with:

  • Strong emotional expression and release subconscious emotion/tension
  • Social interaction
  • Maintenance of identity
  • Skill contributing to self esteem
  • Distraction from pain or other problems
  • Physically and cognitively stimulating
  • Increase endorphin levels and enhance immune system

Phoene teaches everything by ear in a call and response fashion – no previous singing experience is necessary.

“Thanks for getting us off to such a brilliant start this year , it has been so uplifting to be part of a choir again and I have loved every minute . Having you to inspire and guide us with such humour and enthusiasm has encouraged us all to blossom as a group and gave us the confidence to sing in public ( I have even caught myself singing while walking into work ,cycling home and going about my daily work) . Thank you soooooo much”

“The wonderful encouragement and musicality of Phoene underpins everything to help us all to feel that we can do it and we do!!”